Bali Tree Top Adventure Park Tour


Bali Tree Top Adventure Tour Is Bali Activities Tour Package To Enjoy Trying The Suspended Bridge, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying Fox, Flying Swings and Many More in Bali Islands


Bali Tree Top Adventure Park Tour is a fun activity set in an open air environment for group and family in Indonesia, 0pen everyday in Bali Botanical Garden, Bedugul. We also provide you with company outing and team building services. Try and get memorable experience and enjoy a fantastic panoramic views with the Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour offers 65 challenges for all level and ages : Suspended bridges, Spider Nets, Tarzan Jumps, Flying-Fox, Flying Swings, and many more fun challenges with 6 levels challenges in 5 adventure circuits from one tree to another with height range between 2-20 meters.

Environmentally Friendly
All circuit platforms are held in place using an innovative compression system to protect trees from any damage. Protective half logs are used to prevent cables from cutting into trees and minimize tree trunk degradation. Please help us protect the environment “Do not” smoke or litter garbage when you are in our Park.

Safety at Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour
Equipment of Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour Throughout the entirety of the Circuits you will remain attached to a life-line support. Patrol Guides will also be situated along the circuit ready to advise and assist as needed – giving support from above and below. Before starting the activity on the Circuits, every client must follow the Safety instructions by our Patrol Guides. Our specially trained Patrol Guides will explain how the circuit works, how to use the equipment, and provide all safety instructions which you need to respect at all times. The construction of Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour and all materials and equipments comply with French Standards (NF) XP S 52-902-1, and our Park is built, maintained and managed by a French management.

What to Bring / Wear during Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour
It shall be the responsibility of all participant to ensure that they are dressed appropriately and Bali Treetop advises participants to wear clothing appropriate for sport activities and the weather conditions and which they do not mind getting damaged. Comfortable, loose fitting casual clothing is best in particular, the following restrictions shall apply:
• Waits must be covered.
• We strongly discourage wearing jewelry or sunglasses
• Long hair must be tied back
• Participants may not undertake the activities in sandals, mountains sandals are acceptable. Sport shoes are advisable.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park Tour Price :
Adult : USD 20
Child (-12yo) : USD 13
Family Package
(2 adults + up to 2 children -12yo) : USD 50
Adults Groups (+10 pax) : USD 18
Children Groups (+10 pax) : USD 13

Note :
• All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy with minimum height of arm raised up to 130cm, at least 4 years old and must weigh less than 120kg. Anyone who does not meet these requirement will not be allowed to undertake the activities.
• Due to the physical nature of the activities Bali Treetop recommends that pregnant women should not take part in the activities.
• Children under 14 years old can take part in the activities only if they are under the supervision of an adult.